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Somatic and Spiritual Bodywork

Relaxing, relieving and revitalizing.

Vitality and Harmony for Body, Mind and Spirit

We are all shaped by experiences and ineractions that impact our nervous systems and the state of our bodily tissues (such as tight, numb, inert) and energies (stagnant, agitated).

Interweaving hands-on energy work and myofascial release with conversation, intuitive insights, and channeled information, I help release tension and stress and move stuck emotions and energies from these experiences.

In a session, I may relax your tense neck, help you breathe more fully or help energy flow throughout your body. And I may support you to grieve, encourage you to express your anger, or help you speak your truth.

Always we will cultivate postive resources in our conversation and imaginations. Even before our first session, I will ask you: what are the natural places or the bodies of nature (ocean, forest, sandy beaches) that give you a sesne of calm and grounding?

Incorporating such positive resources can be both deeply regulating for the nervous system and call forth balancing and healing energies for the body, psyche and soul.

Ultimately, it is my desire for you to come away from a session feeling more ease in your body with a sense of deep rootedness, centeredness, vibrancy and freedom.


Benefits of Somatic and Spiritual BodyWork

* Offers deep rest and renewed vitality. 

* Reduces stress and overwhelm and provides peace and calm for your body and mind.

* Provides insights and clarity to personal challenges and difficulties. 

* Removes mental and emotional blockages and creates new pathways for positive thought and action. 

Creates more ease and mobility in your body.   

* Increases your ability to experience positive feelings such as pleasure, peace and joy. 

* Helps you embody your true, fully alive self by nurturing and strengthening your body and spirit.

Have Questions? 

Megan’s work is brilliant. She is highly intuitive and at the start of each session is able to tune into my body and psyche in an incredibly accurate way, discerning which part of my body needs work and attention at that time.

She is kind, gentle, compassionate, incredibly patient, creative and deeply committed to my wellbeing and goals and I trust her completely with my body (my body loves her work!).

Megan is a fantastic healer who has reduced my pain through her combination of gentle hands-on and energetic bodywork. Often I have left my session with Megan incredibly restored with a calmer mind and feeling happily embodied. She is a true healer whom you’d be fortunate to be able to work with! 

— Stacey Klein

Megan is a kind and compassionate healer.

Megan helped me relax and open up about my anxiety and self-worth issues. Her healing touch, her words and her chants helped me heal and grow. She helped me recognize in myself I have the ability to change and believe in myself.

Megan is truly a gifted and exceptional healer! 

— Julie

I feel amazing! My body feel so much better!! 93% of tension and pain are gone. I slept deeply and woke up early, which is my preference.

THANK you so much.

Our session was amazing and you’re a gift.

— Tiffani

My bodywork treatments with Megan came at a time in my life when I was contemplating a daunting change which had left me feeling overwhelmed, scattered and weary.  I was hoping to achieve a sense of calm & centeredness from my sessions—which did occur—but most notably, what I experienced was a deep and unexpected sense of JOY.

Suddenly I was able to see my position and the decisions I had to make from a whole new & joyous perspective. What was set to be a strife-ridden period of my life, became instead an exciting and wonderful journey. I will be forever grateful to Megan and her amazing healing energy.   

 Samantha Hamilton | New York City, NY
Owner of Simple Skin Spa

I’ve loved working with Megan.

Not only has she helped me physically but she’s very accepting of people and their differences, and also wonderfully open about the connection between mind, body, and emotions and giving credence to the fact that they’re connected.

She’s fantastic at what she does, and also fun to be around in the process.

— Alex Andreef

Megan is a kind and gentle healer. My sessions with her were illuminating and peaceful. She was able to pinpoint areas of stuck, old energy and release them in a very calming way. This allowed for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

I highly recommend working with her. You’ll be amazed at how much better you can feel!

Much love to you Megan!

Cate Ritter | Bend, OR

My sessions with Megan are powerfully healing. Megan’s combination of bodywork and processing through stories, metaphors and visual imagery helps me connect to a deeper intelligence in myself.

Recently, she helped me see and feel the connection between my physical discomfort and the emotional stress that was going on in my work and family life. With Megan tapping into what was going on and helping me shift my perspective, she was able to shift the energy in my body and in my situation.

All of my bodywork sessions with Megan are wonderfully healing, insightful and transformative. I highly recommend her work to everyone!

— Brian Pinkney

Megan is not just a wonderful bodyworker, she offers medicine for the soul. Her sessions are never cookie cutter.

She reaches deep within, bringing her vast expertise, imagination and diverse training to support and encourage ease of movement—and she does this with compassion, encouragement and joy.

Along with the tangible results of improved alignment and moving with more ease, I often experience a meditative state, tapping into the exquisiteness of life and leaving feeling as if I have encountered myself anew.



60-Minute Somatic and Spiritual Bodywork Session


Greater ease, vitality and wholeness for your body, mind and spirit.

75-Minute Somatic and Spiritual Bodywork Session


Greater ease, vitality and wholeness for your body, mind and spirit.

Healing Journey Package


Six 75-minute sessions (Somatic and Spiritual Bodywork and/or Pelvic and Abdominal Healing) over the course of three consecutive months.

The first payment of $320 will be charged with the first booking. The remaining two payments will be made on the first of month for the following two months.

Total savings is $120.

Monthly savings is $40 per month or $20 per session.

Payment can be made via Cash, Check, Venmo, Debit or Credit Card.

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your session and receive a full refund, please contact me before the 24-hour period begins.

If you are late or do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged the full session rate.

About Me

My name is Megan Brians. I am an Organic Intelligence™ Certifed Coach, somatic bodyworker, energy healer and licensed massage therapist.

We all deserve support, care and compassion in our life's journey.

That is why I bring to you . . .

* Welcoming and Empathy

* Collaboration and Co-Discovery

* Alliance with Nature and Spirit

My bodywork practice is in Bend, Oregon and my coaching practice is through Zoom.


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