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When you move through your day, what is your context of time? Are you thinking of what needs to be done that day? Does your list include what has happened that week? Are you ruminating on how much has changed for you in the past ten years? What about what has happened in the place were your are walking in the past one hundred years, or thousand, or even one million?

Walking amidst the blocks of downtown New York City where I work, I have an immediate time context of at least over one hundred years with buildings that were erected in the late 1800’s. If you think about it, however, those buildings are made from mineral material that has been around for billions of years–likewise the gases in the atmosphere that I am walking through. And if you really think about it, I have minerals that make up my bones and are in my blood stream that also go way, way back. 

Here’s an entertaining animation of the imagined life of a rock. It has some trials and tribulations, but if rocks do anything, they endure many years and many processes.