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Polarity Therapy’s theory that our bodies contain different energies relating to elements of nature–such as air, fire, water and earth–has been very appealing and useful to me. This framework has given me a way to more deeply understand both myself and my clients, physically and existentially.

I chose in my first class to focus on the earth element. I believe that sensing our ground is fundamentally important as we negotiate our busy lives filled with sensory information. Grounding gives a feeling of strength and support; it helps slow our internal tempo, countering the ever-increasing pace of our society; and it draws our attention to our own physicality, rather then being entirely caught up in our whirling thoughts.

In the class, we used a variety of touch and sound to awaken the sensory awareness in our feet and sits-bones. Giving attention to those parts of our body which we rely upon everyday for walking and sitting can be pleasurable, relieving and revealing. While the flesh and bones of our feet and sits-bones have their important structural uses, they are also perceptual regions that receive information and provide connection to our ground. To enliven our internal earth energy, we contacted the knees, bowels and neck. After a period of silent resting, sensing and feeling, people reported an over-all deeper sense of calm.

Since most of us do not spend our days in quiet contemplation, it is important to also cultivate the skill of self-awareness while moving through space and interacting with others. We practiced walking about the room, shifting our attention from perceiving ground to getting from point A to point B. It was great fun as the women gasped and laughed, noting the fluctuating levels of agitation and calm. By the end of the class, it is my hope that everyone left with at least one new way to bring more earth energy and connection to ground in their daily lives.

I am excited to teach classes in which you can replenish and rejuvenate yourself using a wide variety of play and explorations. Look here and on facebook for future dates!

This was originally posted August 2nd, 2012