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With wintertime here New York, trees and other plants have shed their flamboyant greenery and seem to have turned inward; the air contracts with cold and moisture becomes snow and ice; many of us human creatures withdraw into warm, heated buildings and huddle inside layers of clothes when we have to go outside. There’s a lot about the movement of the winter season that is about withdrawal and contraction.

This contraction runs parallel with what happens energetically in our feet. Not only do the tissues in the soles of our feet become dense and stiff with pounding the ground every day, but energies within the feet can become congested and stagnant. According to Polarity Therapy, the feet are the negative, or contracting, pole of the body and can be an opportune place for energy to ground to a halt. In addition, specific areas on our feet, called reflexes, relate to our organs and other structures of our bodies. If the energies in the organs (or hip, or shoulder) become stuck, they will also congest in their corresponding reflex in the foot. As you can see from the fabulous socks above, our entire body is mapped on the soles of our feet(and our hands and, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our ears). The practice of massaging these reflexes is called Reflexology. Massage a reflex, and you’ll help the energy flow better in its corresponding area of the body. An excellent point to massage is on the adrenal reflex, right above the kidney reflex. Oftentimes our adrenals are overworked, producing adrenaline just to help us get through our days. It can be quite a sore point and tender to the touch.

Buy some Reflexology socks or use a map and enjoy massaging your feet (please note that it is easier to press into the reflexes without using oil). I like to do it before I go to bed for a more restful sleep. Your whole body will feel better, your feet will receive some kindness for the hard work they do and they’ll stay more pliable during the wintertime. Happy feet!