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As the sun is growing brighter, spring winds are blowing, and plants are sprouting, our bodies need help in shedding stiffness from winter hibernation and cold temperatures. I asked Camellia Lee, extraordinary licensed massage therapist, who has been using essential oils in her practice for eight years and never leaves home without them, for some advice about which ones would be helpful.

“I love the essential oils of lavender and marjoram,” replied Camellia. “They are warming and soothing for the mind as well as helpful for loosening muscle stiffness. They can be used both topically and in the bath, though one caution is to only and always use essential oils that are of a therapeutic grade and not just for aroma purposes.”

You should be able to find “therapeutic grade” on the essential oil’s label. Camellia uses Young Living Essential Oils, while I order mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. Essential oils can be applied neat, but Camellia cautions that less is more, as they can be quite potent. Make sure to test the oils on a small patch of skin. If there is a reaction, Camellia advises to dilute the essential oil in any vegetable oil such as olive, grapeseed, or coconut oil.

For the holidays I made uplifting aromatherapy sprays of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot essential oils. I asked Camellia if she had other recommendations for enlivening ourselves as we wait for warmer weather. “Citrus oils are generally great and revitalizing,” enthused Camellia. She also recommended orange and ylang ylang as wonderful additions for brightening your day.

They all sound very lovely and I hope that you will try them on as we move into spring. Thanks Camellia!

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This was originally posted March 17th, 2013.